Life Changing

Your single donation has the potential to help recipients improve their quality of life. The healing capacity of products derived from birth tissue have been shown to benefit wound healing for conditions that may otherwise result in amputation, corneal blindness or debilitating pain.

Unless you request otherwise, your placenta will be disposed of. Donation of your placenta will not interfere with the delivery process and your baby will not be affected in any way. All costs for placenta recovery is the responsibility of Lucina.

The placenta is elegantly complex.  While it has been used therapeutically for over 100 years, it is considered to be the least understood in the human anatomy.  Your donation will contribute to our ongoing research to advance the understanding of this remarkable organ.


"When our OBGYN gave us the Lucina pamphlet, it was a no-brainer. We had a c-section scheduled due to a breech baby boy. My placenta had kept our baby healthy in utero and the thought of it's healing nature helping others really made it an easy decision. The process was simple and seamless with Lucina. We are so glad we donated the birth tissue."

~ Colleen Rogan Krummenacker, Birth Mother

Colleen Rogan Krummenacker

"The Colorado Women’s Health Center has been using Lucina BioSciences for a while now and they are awesome.  It is so nice to work with a group of people that are devoted and easy to work with for such a great cause.  The paperwork is so easy and the process to get patients taken care of takes no time at all. We have many patients that appreciate the cause they are achieving and that Lucina employees are always willing to help and answer any and all questions they might have.  I cannot be prouder to work with and be a part of a wonderful group of people.  Brigid and Ryan C. are helpful in many ways and truly are the best to work with.  I would recommend Lucina to any office that is interested in doing birth tissue donations."

~ Tammy Hughes, Certified Medical Assistant

Abbey Goodwin

“We had such a fabulous experience with the placental donation in all aspects. The process was very easy and I cannot believe how many people a placental donation can help, hundreds! It’s a simple and easy way to give back and will positively change so many peoples lives. “

~ Abbey Goodwin, Birth Mother


You will be asked to:

  • Read, fully understand, and sign a consent form
  • Complete a medical and social history questionnaire
  • Allow blood to be drawn for testing – in most cases prior to delivery
  • Give Lucina permission to retain and review any relevant information in your current medical records

Register to Become a Donor

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