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Procenta® Description

• Acellular tissue allograft 

• Contains loosely woven collagens

• Terminally Sterilized – SAL 10-6

• 4-Year shelf-life stored at ambient temperature

• Ready-to-Use: does not require re-hydration or rinsing of preservation media

• Requires no specific orientation

• Highly conformable

Intended Uses of Procenta®

• To serve as a cover

• To protect from the surrounding environment

• To retain fluid

Procenta® Application

• Open Procenta box and remove the product pouch

• Using aseptic technique, peel open the outer pouch containing the sterile vial

• Open vial by the tear-off tab and remove the rubber stopper

• Remove product from the vial and apply to the treatment site using instrument such as a forceps

• Because Procenta is completely conformable, it requires no specific orientation on the treatment site

• Apply Procenta evenly over the surface of the wound

• Cover wound site with a non-adherent, impregnated dressing

Examples of Intended Uses

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